Summer Undergrad Research Fellowship at Mayo Clinic

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

A career in biomedical research is not for everyone, but if you:

  • Love science
  • Always want to know why, not just what
  • Enjoy tough problems that just don’t seem to want to be solved
  • Want to contribute to new medical breakthroughs
  • Get a thrill out of discovery

… then a career as a Ph.D. or M.D.-Ph.D. scientist might be for you. You won’t be certain, though, until you immerse yourself in a research lab, and Mayo Clinic is one of the best places for you to do that.


Each year, approximately 130 undergraduate students from around the U.S. come to Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minnesota, to work beside both young and established scientists on a broad range of biomedical research questions.

A select number of fellowships are also available at the Mayo Clinic campuses in Jacksonville, Florida, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

The 2017 program will run from Tuesday, May 30, through Friday, Aug. 4.

How to apply

Our 2017 application is now available. To access it, log into the ApplyYourselfapplication website.

Application Process

To apply to the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program, you need to submit:

  • A completed online SURF application
  • A 1-2 page description of your career goals and the steps you have already taken to achieve those goals
  • A current transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation from research mentors or undergraduate teachers


    You can apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program if you:

    • Are a student currently in your sophomore or junior year at a U.S. college or university
    • Have a grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale)
    • Are seriously considering a biomedical research career as a Ph.D. or M.D.-Ph.D.

    International students who are attending a U.S. college or university are eligible to apply.

    For questions, contact Glenda Mueller at or 507-284-3862.


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