Noble Summer Research Scholars in Plant Science Program – Apply by Feb. 13th


The Administrative Division of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. is accepting applications for the position as an intern in our highly recognized Noble Summer Research Scholars in Plant Science Program. This is a temporary position; the 2017 Research Scholars Program will begin June 5 and end August 11, 2017.

Duration:  June 5 – August 11, 2017

Program Housing: The Noble Foundation will provide accommodations for all out-of-area Research Scholars.

Hourly Rate: $12.00 per hour (with housing) or $14.00 per hour (without housing).  Per rules set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), housing that is provided by the Noble Foundation is considered a taxable fringe benefit. Research Scholars earn approximately $4,800 for the 10-week program, working 40 hours per week, and are paid semi-monthly. Earnings are subject to applicable state and federal taxes. Students selected into the Research Scholars Program can usually arrange with their respective universities to obtain college credit hours for the internship.

Interested applicants should apply immediately. The application deadline is February 13, 2017.

The Research Scholars Program gives each participating student-Scholar an opportunity to interact in a plant science-related research environment, develop practical research skills and build relationships with scientific mentors.

Scholars are paired with a scientist-mentor from the Foundation’s plant molecular biology research group (Plant Biology Division) or the Foundation’s translational and application research group (Forage Improvement Division). Placement is based on the Scholar’s research preference and educational experience.

Each mentor will design a research project specifically tailored to their Scholar, such project ultimately being refined through an interaction between the mentor and the Scholar.

For more information on the Noble Summer Research Scholars in Plant Science Program, please visit

Questions regarding the Research Scholars Program or the on-line application process can be submitted to Frank Hardin at or (580) 224-6215.


The research projects reinforce the Scholars’ understanding of fundamental scientific principles. Scholars will formulate hypotheses, design and execute experiments to test such hypotheses and assess and draw conclusions from their empirical results. Scholars are encouraged to regularly discuss their efforts and results with their mentor and other members of their laboratory as well as other Scholars.

Scholars are integrated into a laboratory setting and will participate in all regular laboratory activities, including group meetings, seminars and research group discussions. At the conclusion of the program, Scholars will prepare a presentation concerning their research project and present in the Foundation’s Kruse Auditorium. Mentors will assist Scholars in developing their presentations.


Research Scholars must:

• Be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in a college or university within the United States, such program resulting in the award of a baccalaureate or associates degree;
• Have completed their sophomore year at the time the internship begins (at least 60 credit hours) with a declared major in a plant science, life science, chemistry or bioinformatics field with appropriate course work (research experience is not required);
• Be legally authorized to work in the United States (for any employer) and WILL NOTrequire employment visa sponsorship for this internship; and
• Be capable of working 40 hours per week for 10 weeks.

Applicable related fields include, but are not limited to:
• Applied Genomics
• Analytical Biochemistry
• Bioinformatics
• Cell Biology
• Developmental Biology
• Genetics/Genomics
• Genetics of Disease
• Transformation
• Metabolomics/Proteomics/Functional Genomics
• Molecular Biology
• Biochemistry
• Molecular Breeding
• Molecular Plant Pathology
• Phytochemistry
• Plant-Microbe Interactions
• Structural Biology
• Viral Evolution


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