REU Program in Climate Science at Penn State – Apply by Mar. 15th

We are now accepting applications for the 2016 REU Program in Climate Science.

Objectives of the REU program

    • To bring together a diverse group of students in an environment where they can learn how to ask, answer, and communicate research questions in the area of climate science by using cutting edge tools to apply the scientific method: hypothesis, observation, experimentation, data analysis, interpretation, prediction, and dissemination of results.
    • To instruct students how to use and become fluent in accessing the primary scientific literature, gain experience in experimental design and data collection, and participate in experiments using both up-to-date observation systems and numerical climate models.
  • To acquire skills in integrating interdisciplinary research and estimate rates of environmental change to address problems related to climate change.

Applications for REU 2016

We are now accepting applications. All application materials should be sent to

    • To apply for the REU program, download this�Application PDF file
    • In addition to completing the Application PDF file, applicants must provide the following:
      • a personal statement describing
        • Previous research experience
        • Your short- and long-term goals
        • What you hope to gain by participating in a research program
      • a cover letter
      • a resume
      • an unofficial transcript
      • two letters of reference
  • All materials should be sent electronically to this email address: All materials must be received by March 15, 2016. Notification of successful candidates will begin shortly thereafter.

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