NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Paid Internships

NASA KSC Pathways Positions - Spring 2016 (1)

We are very excited to announce that NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida will be accepting applications for our Pathways Internship Program (similar to the previous NASA co-op program) starting on Monday, October 5, 2015. There will be 40-50 positions available through fifteen (15) announcements on<>.  The positions are in a wide range of areas such as Communications/Broadcasting, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Business, Accounting, & Finance. The application deadline is11:59pm Eastern on Friday, October 9, 2015. These positions are planned to start on January 25, 2016. For more information about the KSC Pathways Program please feel free to visit our website at
Do you know of a student that is thinking about the future and wants to take the next step toward their career? At KSC, we launch careers! The student could become a part of the NASA team and develop job skills that could take him/her farther than they ever imagined. Share our Pathways Internship opportunities with any students that you believe would be interested in an opportunity to work for our nation’s space agency by forwarding the attached flyer. Your students can begin building a bright future for themselves at NASA, which has been recognized as the Best Place to Work in the Federal Government for the past 3 years. The opportunities are truly “out of this world!”
Please note that students cannot apply directly to this email, and should not send their resume to this email address – they must apply for the positions via


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