SUNY Oswego Global Laboratory – Applications due February 1st and March 1st

Explore the Global Laboratory

From SUNY Oswego’s campus you can explore the world

Global Laboratory

Deborah Stanley“An investment in undergraduate research is also an investment in our common future. The Global Laboratory will produce a new generation of scientifically and internationally skilled problem solvers, empowered to meet the challenges before us.”
Deborah F. Stanley

The Global Laboratory is an innovative undergraduate research experience offering students hands-on, immersive problem-solving opportunities in international laboratories in the most promising fields of study—science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Global Laboratory combines the international connections of SUNY Oswego faculty with the scientific talents, research proficiency, and intellectual curiosity of undergraduates to advance scientific knowledge, design solutions to the many intractable challenges of our time, and to improve the quality of life for humans worldwide.

This pioneering laboratory empowers and uplifts students through the knowledge they gain and the life-changing experiences they encounter. Qualifying undergraduates spend two to ten weeks on any of the world’s seven continents conducting
Science Buildingcommunity-based research with leading scientists on projects designed to discover solutions to pressing global problems while promoting international understanding.

Rendering at right of of SUNY Oswego’s new 235,000 square-foot, $118 million Science Complex. Designed as the gold standard of green buildings, it is the new high-tech home for future scientists.

SUNY Oswego’s Possibility Scholarship

SUNY Oswego offers a program provides resources for underrepresented and financially disadvantaged students to participate in the global research experience as they pursue a high quality college education in the STEM fields.

The Possibility Scholarship offers donors the opportunity to change the world, one life at a time. To find out more about supporting the Possibility Scholarship, contact the SUNY Oswego Office of Development at 315-312-3003 or visit the Possibility Scholarship website.


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