Mathematical & Theoretical Biology Institute Summer Program – Apply by Jan. 31!

Summer Program

MTBI Summer Research Program: June 3rd – July 25th, 2015

This intensive eight-week summer research experience for undergraduates in Tempe, Arizona prepares promising young scientists interested in working at the interface of mathematics, statistics and the natural and social sciences for the rigors of graduate studies.  MTBI is a research experience for undergraduates (REU); it is not an internship, nor will students earn college credit for participation.

Participants receive intensive instruction in dynamical systems, stochastic processes, computational methods and modeling delivered by top scientists and special guest lecturers and colloquia speakers.

Collaborative research environment with fellow participants, graduate students, postdoctoral students, visiting scholars; students work in self-selected groups on research problems of their own choosing in collaboration with experienced faculty and graduate students mentors. By the end of the program, students have completed technical report and poster and oral presentation to peers and scientists.


  • Undergraduates who have completed at least their sophomore year
  • Majoring in math, biology, or related fields
  • At least one year of calculus
  • Latinos, Native Americans and African Americans are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • International students are accepted, but on a very limited basis.

Participating U.S. citizens/students will receive airfare and transportation to Tempe, Arizona (up to $500), room & board and a $4,000 stipend (notification of award amount by March 20).

All application materials must be submitted by January 31, 2015.  Any late material will not be considered.  Any incomplete application packets will not be considered.


  • Completed MTBI application (accessible by the link above)
  • Your Personal Statement: This should be approximately 500 words (no more than two double spaced pages) describing your interest in preparation for and/or commitment to your academic pursuits and reasons for applying to MTBI summer research program.  Note: a resume is not a personal statement.
  • An official copy of your college/university transcript is required.  Unofficial transcripts are not accepted.
  • Download the Faculty Letter of Recommendation form (found below) for your faculty reference to complete. This form should accompany the letter of recommendation written by your faculty reference. The letter should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, signed by the faculty on the flap. The sealed envelope may be sent directly from your Faculty Reference to the address on the form, or you may submit it with your application materials.

You can upload your personal statement as an attached document when filling out the MTBI online application.  If your professor wants to send their letter of recommendation through email, please have them follow these few steps.

  1. Print up their recommendation letter on their university’s letterhead.
  2. Scan the printed letter into a pdf.
  3. The professor (not the student) can email the scanned letter to Preston Swan at  Students may not email the letter.  This must come from the professor to ensure its authenticity.

The application is best filled out using either Firefox or Chrome.  Please avoid using Internet Explorer.  If you are having issues with the online application, use the PDF application document, found at the bottom of this page.  Fill it out, and email it back to Preston Swan (email address below).

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email MTBI coordinator, Preston Swan, at
Any materials being mailed, please send to:

Arizona State University
MTBI – Preston Swan
PO Box 873901
Tempe, AZ  85287-3901


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