North Carolina State Graduate School Visit – Application due Sept. 19th!


Program Overview
An advanced degree from a prestigious research institution can assist you in achieving your full potential. The Visit NC STATE Program will provide you the opportunity to explore your options for graduate education.

The Graduate School at NC State strives to recruit highly competitive scholars with leadership potential to participate in its comprehensive recruitment visitation programs.

Visit NC State Program Flyer<> (PDF)

Who we are: The Visit NC State Program is an innovative and progressive recruitment strategy committed to extending educational opportunities for talented students interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

What we offer:  The two-day event includes opportunities for participants to:

*   Interact with world-class faculty in your interested discipline and research interest
*   Visit several state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories
*   Be exposed to research opportunities
*   Network with current graduate students and other prospective students
*   Meet academic administrators

Who we are looking for:  motivated scholars with:

*   Strong academic profiles
*   An ability to establish and achieve work objectives
*   Excellent communication and teamwork skills
*   Energy and enthusiasm
*   A desire to contribute to the body of knowledge in their respective disciplines

Qualifications for Admittance:  students who are selected to participate in the Visit NC State Program must:

*   Be seriously considering attending one of NC State University’s graduate programs
*   Have a minimum GPA of 3.25
*   Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (consideration for international students currently enrolled in a higher education institution within the continental United States may be considered)
*   Be a sophomore through senior in college, an enrolled Master’s student, or an interested post-baccalaureate
*   Complete the entire application (including faculty recommendation, unofficial transcripts, and statement of interest)


What the application consists of: (To be considered in our selection process, interested students must submit the following materials (postmarked or electronic stamp) by Friday, September 19, 2014, at 12 noon. Applicants will receive notifications by September 30, 2014.

*   Visitation program application
*   Statement of Interest (directed towards your graduate program of interest)
*   Letter of recommendation from faculty
*   Unofficial copy of transcript (each institution attended)

To apply for the Visit NC State Program, click here<>.

If you have any questions about the Visit NC State Program, please see our FAQ<>

Covered Accommodations:

*   Air or ground transportation (original receipts must accompany request for reimbursement)
*   NOTE – We will not reimburse checked luggage fees
*   Lodging accommodations (double room occupancy)
*   Meals while participating in the program

To learn more about graduate programs at NC State, visit our future students web page<>.

To view the 2013 program agenda, click here<>.

Brett A. Locklear, Director for Graduate Recruiting


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