UB Majors & Careers Night, Oct. 7 – Space is limited. Register Now!!!

careernightRegister NOW
To Attend the 11th Annual UB Majors and Careers Night!
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
5:30 –7 pm, 145 Student Union

*         The Office of Student Advising Services<http://www.sas.buffalo.edu/> will be teaming up with UB’s Career Services<http://www.ub-careers.buffalo.edu/> and the UB Alumni Association<http://www.alumni.buffalo.edu/> to sponsor the UB Majors & Careers Night. With over 300 students in attendance in 2013, this has continued to be a well-attended event for several years, with positive feedback being received from both students and staff regarding its success.
*         Our offices will again be hosting a Pre-Event Networking Tips Session from 5:00-5:30pm in 210 Student Union to help students learn techniques to get the most out of this event.
*         The philosophy behind the UB Majors and Careers Night is to be able to showcase all of the majors and programs available at UB and to allow students to explore the various academic options available to them. This event is particularly helpful for students who may be undecided about a major, those thinking about changing their major or assisting those students who may wish to add another major, minor, or certificate. Additionally, the event provides students with the opportunity to talk with various UB alumni and area professionals to learn about a variety of careers and how majors might relate to numerous career opportunities.
*         This year we would like to make every effort to have all majors at UB represented so that information regarding your programs can be shared with students. Furthermore, we also greatly encourage you to please bring along any faculty members, students, peer mentors, or alumni of your programs who you would like to participate and interact with our students.
*         Space for the UB Majors and Careers Night is limited!
*         We encourage you to please register online as soon as possible by visiting the following web site: http://sas.buffalo.edu/careernight/index.php
o    (the USERNAME is career and the PASSWORD is night).
*         We ask that all departments RSVP as soon as possible and by no later than Tuesday, September 23, 2014.
*         If you are not able to participate in this year’s event please contact Amber Packard at 645-6024 or apackard@buffalo.edu<mailto:apackard@buffalo.edu>. If you are unable to send a representative to this event, consider sending along materials about your program that we can display for students.
*         We are truly looking forward to offering another successful event this fall so if you have any questions as we continue with preparations, please contact me. We would also appreciate if you could provide the following information to your students and encourage them to attend: http://advising.buffalo.edu/yourmajor/pdfs/careernight.pdf.


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