UPenn REU In Materials Science – Due March 1st

The LRSM, a National Science Foundation supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), will offer twenty Summer Research Fellowships to undergraduates from colleges and universities in the United States who are majoring in science or engineering. Successful applicants must be American citizens or permanent residents. Each will work under the supervision of a faculty member on a current materials research project in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biophysics, materials science or engineering. Summer Fellows will have access to all the research facilities of the LRSM and of other laboratories, as required. University faculty will give a series of lectures on materials science and the Fellow will be expected to both write a short research report at the end of the fellowship period and also give an oral presentation to the group. An award will be given for the best paper. Fellows will also have access to the libraries, computer centers and recreational and athletic facilities of the University.

REU 2005 studentFellowships will normally be for a ten-week period, from June 2 through August 8, 2014, and will carry a stipend of $5,000. Fellows should have completed their junior year by the beginning of the fellowship period, although consideration will be given to exceptionally well-qualified sophomores. Students requiring accommodation will be housed in university dormitories at reduced rates.

Candidates should send a brief letter of application, which summarizes the pertinent courses they have taken (include transcript), outlines their career interests, and report on any previous research experience. At least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the applicant’s current college is required and this may accompany the application or be sent, separately, to the address given below.

Applications should be mailed as soon as possible but no later than March 1, 2014 and results will be announced in letters mailed no later than April 1, 2014. The NSF-REU program provides financial support for Summer Fellowships. Applications from women and minorities (defined as African-Americans, Hispanics, Native American Indians and Pacific Islanders), and the disabled, are especially encouraged and should be so identified.


click for [ On-Line Application Form ] (preferred)

more information:

Mark Licurse, Assistant Director of Education
Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
University of Pennsylvania
3231 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6202

Tel. (215) 898-6461
Fax (215) 573-4759
e-mail: mlicurse@lrsm.upenn.edu


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