UMass REU in Nanoscale Science & Engineering – Due February 28th

The 2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) in Nanoscale Science & Engineering

If you’re interested in nanotechnology and want to get a head start on an exciting career, then apply today to the SURE program–a ten-week summer undergraduate research program in Nanoscale Device Development at UMass Amherst. You will work on real cutting-edge research projects with faculty mentors and graduate student lab mates as you build your own scientific foundation for the future.

Funded through the National Science Foundation, we offer a competitive stipend, free lodging and a travel to campus, and activities and events for outside the lab. You simply can’t afford not to take advantage of this opportunity. The 2014 SURE Program will run from May 27 to August 2.

Women and underrepresented minority students are strongly encouraged to apply. Undergraduate majors in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Physics, and Polymer Science & Engineering are recommended for the program.

Eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

The application deadline is February 28, 2014.

2014 SURE REU Projects (tentative)

A. Responsive polymer nanostructures

B. Environmental Impact of Nanoparticles

C. Polymer Templates for Organic-based Photovoltaics

D. Properties of nanoscale DNA structures

E. Organic and Polymer Single-Crystalline Solar Cells

F. Polymers for use in Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

G. Modeling Self-Limited Assemblies of Chiral Nanofilaments
(Joint participation in the SMaRT Program, see project abstract)

H. Molecular Modeling of Polymer Translocation
(Joint participation in the SMaRT Program, see project abstract)

I.Nanoparticle-based sensing of proteins, bacteria, and human cells

J. Drug, DNA, and siRNA delivery to cells using gold nanoparticles

K. Integrating top-down nanofabrication processes with bottom-up nanoparticle assembly

L. Synthetic cell penetrating peptide mimics

M. Novel hydrogels with tunable properties

For questions, please contact the SURE Program Coordinator at


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