UB Alumni Association Scholarships



Each year the UB Alumni Association awards three types of scholarships to deserving UB students. Learn more and apply for the Willie R. Evans Legacy Scholarship, the Alumnae Scholarship and the J. Scott Fleming Scholarship.

Willie R. Evans Legacy Scholarship

The Willie R. Evans scholarship assists currently enrolled UB students who are children or grandchildren of UB alumni who contribute to the growth and enrichment of the university through active membership and participation in the UB Alumni Association. The amount of the scholarship is determined annually by the UBAA Board of Directors. Nominations are accepted year-round, but must be submitted by June 30 to be considered for the next awards the following year.

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UBAA Alumnae Scholarship

The UBAA Alumnae Scholarship is available for female students registered in any UB department or division. The award may be given to one recipient or shared equally by two recipients, depending on the applicant pool. The value of the scholarship varies and is determined by the UBAA Board of Directors. The deadline to apply is June 30.

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J. Scott Fleming Scholarship

The J. Scott Fleming Scholarship was established in 1985 as a student-to-student scholarship to recognize full-time undergraduate and graduate students for their leadership efforts, through extracurricular and volunteer activities. Awards of $500 each will be given to up to four students. The deadline to apply is June 30.

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