April 25, 2012 Deadline: AARP Summer Scholar Program

DEADLINE:  April 25, 2012

During the summer of 2012, the department of Multicultural Markets and Engagement will initiate a summer internship program for minority college students at AARP’s headquarters.  This follows the successful launch of the initial internship program launched during the summer of 2011.  Students participating in the program will receive a paid stipend.

The placements are throughout the organization, including: Procurement, Legislation, Volunteer and Engagement, States Management, Portfolios, Research and Analysis, Event Planning and the Foundation. Interns from the 2011 program had experiences that ranged from attending White House conferences with their mentors, to working on research documents and having their names listed on the publications.  We are looking for students from varied backgrounds/majors. (Business School Majors, Math Majors, Gerontology, Social Work, History, Political Science, Psychology……)


The 2012 Summer Scholars Program will recruit currently enrolled minority undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the second annual internship summer program.  These mentor-guided internships provide hands on, real life, career-related experiences that will challenge, inspire and provide practical application that complements and amplifies upon the scholar’s academic education.  Students will engage in carefully monitored work experiences, with intentional learning goals and outcomes, including the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of AARP departments and mission statement. The program will start on June 11, 2012 and end August 10, 2012. (We must adhere to the HR hiring schedule)

Scholars Requirements:

  • ·         Currently attending a college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing( at least 12 hours of course work)
  • ·         GPA at least 3.0
  • ·         Competency with office software suite including: Microsoft office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and/or Apple Keynote
  • ·         Work history and/or volunteer experience

Application procedures:

  • ·         All candidates must submit the following by April 25, 2012
    • ·         Completed application (see attachment)
    • ·         Cover letter
    • ·         Resume
    • ·         College transcript
    • ·         Two letters of recommendation: one from a professor

Application review and selection:

  • ·         All applications will be reviewed by the program coordinator
  • ·         All applicants will receive a phone interview conducted by the program coordinator.
  • ·         If the applicant is a viable candidate (meets the minimum program requirements), their application, resume and cover letter will be shared with the department designated mentor/supervisor and/or manager.
  • ·         The program coordinator will make selection of applicants to forward to departments for review, based on prior determination of department needs and job profile.
  • ·         Departments will identify student(s) they wish to interview.  The program coordinator is notified of the decision, the date of the interview and the outcome.   If the department is unable to place an applicant, every attempt is made to find a “fit” within the organization.
  • ·         If a department identifies a student for their internship position, they first notify the program coordinator and then a joint notification is sent to the student.  The official employment offer must come from the HR department after all paperwork has been completed.

For more information:

For additional information please contact Winifred Watson-Florence at wwatson-florence@aarp.org or 202-434-3655.

Summer Scholars Application


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